Growth Enabler

Accelerate Your Business Growth

Accelerate your business growth with our Growth in a Box solution

We deliver 

 Business growth best practices
 An attractive website
 CRM best practice
 Customer service best practice
 Inventory management best practice 
 Ready to deploy growth solution
  Efficient yet flexible Implementation schedule

Value to your business

 Increase customer reach
Add online distribution channel  
 Increase lead to sales conversion rate
 Get deep insights into prospects
 Close more deals faster 
 Increase your sales volume
 Turn your customer into a promoter
 Automate repetitive tasks

Solution Features    

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns


 Sales Team Management  
 Lead Management   
 Sales Pipeline   
 Sales scripts and activity planning   
 Manage lost opportunities  
 Realtime dashboard  
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 Sales Quotation  
 Sales Order  
 Flexible Pricing & Discounts 
 Coupons & Promotions
 Quotation Templates
 Contract Management
 Customer Portal
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Website & eCommerce

 Professional design 
 Cross/Up selling
 Product variants
 Product search & sort
 Live chat
 Payment integration

 Shipping integration
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 Multiple UOM
 Package management

 Lot tracking
 Serial number tracking
 Barcode support
 Expiry date
 Stock forecast
 Removal strategy
 Reordering rules
 Adjustment & Scrapping
 Stock valuation

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 Track, Prioritize, and solve customer tickets
 Automate actions based on SLAs 
 Canned Responses  
 Ticket Escalation  
 Customer self-service
 Realtime dashboar